“The Next Step”

Numbers 9:15-23 On the day the Tabernacle was set up, the cloud covered it. But from evening until morning the cloud over the Tabernacle looked like a pillar of fire. This was the regular pattern—at night the cloud that covered the Tabernacle had the appearance of fire. Whenever the cloud lifted from over the sacred tent, the people of Israel would break camp and follow it. And wherever the cloud settled, the people of Israel would set up camp. In this way, they traveled and camped at the Lord’s command wherever he told them to go. Then they remained in their camp as long as the cloud stayed over the Tabernacle. If the cloud remained over the Tabernacle for a long time, the Israelites stayed and performed their duty to the Lord. Sometimes the cloud would stay over the Tabernacle for only a few days, so the people would stay for only a few days, as the Lord commanded. Then at the Lord’s command they would break camp and move on. Sometimes the cloud stayed only overnight and lifted the next morning. But day or night, when the cloud lifted, the people broke camp and moved on. Whether the cloud stayed above the Tabernacle for two days, a month, or a year, the people of Israel stayed in camp and did not move on. But as soon as it lifted, they broke camp and moved on. So they camped or traveled at the Lord’s command, and they did whatever the Lord told them through Moses. 

Sometimes the next step is to remain where you are ~~ until God gives you His Blessing to move into a new environment/surrounding.

Much to our disdain, God often calls us to perform our ‘duty’ from our present situation ~~ maybe longer than we would hope to be there.  As the Israelites experienced His Presence as a cloud by day and pillar of fire by night, God leads us by His Holy Spirit.  To be genuine Followers, we must follow through on His Directives (Commands).  What I truly appreciate in this Scripture is that the Israelites didn’t argue or complain about their status ~~ as it said, whether they were to remain in place for a couple days, month, or year, they remained in their camp and performed their assigned duties.

The same can be true for us, Girlfriend ~~ as we continue to wait for the ‘go forward,’ God wants us to be productive right where we are.    And you know what?  It’s all good!  

Trust in the One Who knows what is ahead ~~ Believe that He works all things out for our best ~~ Rest in His Wisdom for your future.

He has great and mighty Plans for you.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary 

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