“Got It”

Courtesy of Christine Caine

I sat away from the crowd during lunch on my first day of my new job. Upon opening up my emails, I came across the post you see above. It put a smile on my face!
For over five (loooong) years, I had been in pursuit of a new job. Came "close" a couple times, but just not close enough to get the job. So many times, I felt God had just told me to give up on those dreams ~~ those dreams that kept me pressing on in search of a way back into my former career.

Had I misread His "cues?" Was I self-deceived by my own selfish desires? Were my aspirations simply "wishes" for a way out of my present unhappiness?

My prayer life has taken on a deeper meaning … I had changed the way I approached the Throne of Grace. It was now my deepest desire to petition God for the "desires of my heart" ~~ that He give me the desires of His Heart and place them in mine.

Once I embraced this Promise, He began to do a work in me that didn't stop. I truly started to see things quite differently. Suddenly I felt a "softening of my heart" towards the previously "unloveable"'people in my life. I found myself sincerely asking God to forgive me for sins that I used to think were "justifiable." I even began to immediately confess sins after I committed them!

It was like a heavy burden was lifting off of me ~~ I was feeling a sense of freedom that I had not experienced before. What followed next was a boldness and courage to speak up in the Power of the Holy Spirit. But this boldness was graced with love and kindness.

When God Blessed me with the "job of my dreams," I realized that it was wrapped in all the desires of my heart ~~ which He had placed there.

So when I saw this posting by Christine Caine on my first day, I smiled. I knew my Savior had said this directly to me.

Go take possession of what I've given you.

And so I have ~~ with all humility and reverence for the One Who has given it to me.

When people had congratulated me for having received this opportunity, I gave God all the credit ~~ He supplied the opportunity, the wisdom, the strength, and courage to possess this Blessing.

Girlfriend, I was at my wits end. I had been in a second chapter career that I started to think was going to take me to my grave. Quite honestly, I had told The Lord that if that was His Will, I would be content with it. But somehow, He began this "stirring" down in my soul ~~ I called it the Pool of Siloam. And I just could not shake it loose.

And that was when I knew ~~ there was going to be "activity" in that Pool of Healing.

This Second Chapter Career lasted over 20 years. My recent job search lasted over 5 years. The timeframe for getting into this new job was approximately 2-1/2 weeks, from Application to job offer!
The Hand of God can write your story in a way that drops you to your knees.

So I say to you, Sweet Sister of mine … take courage in the God of all Creation to fulfill the desires of your heart. Keep the hope alive and burning within your soul. Reject distractions and steer clear of anything that keeps you from first pursuing your Lord.

Let Him give you the desires of your heart. And when He does, possess them with all you've got!

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~
T2T Visionary

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