“In Her Silence”

I was driving through the parking lot of one of my favorite markets when I caught a glimpse of what disturbed my soul and ached my heart.

The scene was this: a man and a woman standing outside of a local diner. The woman frantically searching through her purse while the man was yelling at her — in her face and obviously in public.

Apparently the man didn’t care that his actions were on public display, much less that the woman with him was also in clear view of passers by.

I was not privy to their conversation, nor did I know the details of what had brought them to the place of their situation. But in a fraction of a moment, what I had witnessed was enough for me to go to The Lord in Prayer for her safety, wisdom and comfort.

Sister, have you ever been in the right place at the right time, to intercede on behalf of a total stranger? Circumstances and safety may not always permit our human touch — nonetheless, we have the privilege to pray in the Spirit for the well-being of another person.

This was just one of two incidences that met up with me in less than a week.

Days ago, I had been en route to my dental office during my lunch break. Along the journey, I encountered a young woman running naked in the middle of the street — one of the most busiest streets in town during the lunch hour. Another woman had been chasing her, attempting to subdue and assist her, but the young woman always managed to break free and continued to run. At one moment, as I called 911, the young woman ran up to my window and pleaded with me to help her. I will forever remember her face. Uncertain of her mental and physical state, I remained locked inside my car to avoid becoming a secondary victim.

As the police appeared on the scene, and traffic was now gridlocked in both directions, I watched as this young woman even outran the authorities. As I drove away from that chaotic scene, again, I went immediately into prayer for this needy woman. She desperately needed God.

In the silence of their days, these precious women may have only been familiar with their pain and anguish — which none of us have ever known. And for the duration of time which may have felt like an eternity — they’ve suffered in silence.

My heart aches for such a one — and I’m certain there are many, many more out there — some of whom are reading this — some of whom are in our midst.

But God … oh, how these two precious words just delight my soul …

Knows your pain, Girlfriend. And as our Scripture verse above reminds us: He saves our tears in a bottle. That is the most amazing and loving thing — God is genuinely concerned about our comings and goings. He knows our wanderings.

I suppose that is why I am deeply committed to the ones entrusted to my care — they say that is the Gift of Shepherding. I get it.

The ones coming up behind me.

I want to reach out to you, Girlfriend, and reassure you that if you are in such a situation — of despair or feeling hopeless — don’t suffer in silence. In your local church, I encourage you to seek out the confidential assistance of a pastor, Women’s Group, Christian counseling services or (if it’s available to you) Stephen’s Ministries.

It is the community of believers that will embrace you and love you through your dilemma.

And this is one of the reasons we love one another just as Jesus loved us — to readily support and encourage one another in our times of need.

Let me encourage you, Girlfriend, to reach deep inside of you — to that place where only God has seen your pain — and to bring forth that same comfort that The Holy Spirit poured out on you in your moment — and allow God to lead you to minister to another woman in need.

You may not always be capable of wrapping your arms around her — you may not even have the privilege to speak to her directly — but you can pray for her. The amazing power of prayer — even from a physical distance — is our opportunity to minister.

Who’s in?

Do we need a “reminder” of the loneliness that besieged our own souls when we’ve traveled down that long and darkened “hallway” of unknown certainty? I’ve been there, Sister, chained by my own thoughts — erroneously thinking that all was lost.

Feeling so alone.

Choosing to remain silent — for fear of rejection and judgement.

The enemy of our souls wants us to be isolated — it is in this cave of demise that ugly lies engulf our minds and twist the truth about God’s unfailing Love.

I invite you to join me in praying intently for the ones whom God places before you — in your “mind’s eye,” on your heart, in your thoughts — in front of your face and under your nose. The Lord has ordained you to minister to her in the manner He has prepared you.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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