Ever have that deep — really deep — expression of thankfulness that overcomes your entire being, so much so, that you’re left virtually speechless?

Anyone who knows me intimately, knows that I am seldom for a loss of words. (Ok, Girlfriends, I saw you throw your head back and chuckle!). So when I can’t seem to “find the words” to describe my current feelings and emotions, you know it’s special.

That inexpressible sensation of delight and joy — flooding the internal senses to overflowing — that over-the-top “I can’t believe it’s happening to or its for me” feeling. Can anyone relate?

It’s that indescribable internal somersault that I want to deliver to you this morning — on this Thanksgiving Eve.

For all the knowledge and wisdom you have all shared and bestowed upon me over the years — in the countless forms of texts, emails, cards, acts of kindness, prayers — in every moment they were poured out onto me — times of shared joys, sorrows, difficulties, mama-moments, prayer requests, illness and recovery — my heart ♥️ is filled to overflowing with inexpressible gratitude. Because you have allowed the Spirit of God to use you as His Mighty Vessel of Service.

Allow me to encourage you and uplift you to keep on keeping on in rhythm to the heartbeat of the One Who formed and designed your heart, Sister. While in Service to your Savior, you are used mightily; even in ways you are most unaware.

I have come to embrace the beauty of the fact that we were designed to remain in constant communion with God through prayer — we are designed to be just so connected to Him that there is no duality of life. And as His Temple, He dwells within and through us to touch the dying world through the unique qualities of our personality. That, my Sister, is how we can touch the ones coming up behind us; by connecting them with the Savior of their souls. Those original qualities (which we sometimes think are defective or less-than, are actually perfected by The Holy Spirit when we are being transformed into His Image) are intended for good.

So there is no need for comparisons or feelings of inadequacy — we are complete in Christ.

It is my fervent prayer, Girlfriend, that you will continue to pursue God’s Relationship with you by full immersion into His Word and fellowship with The Holy Spirit by inviting Him to breathe wisdom and knowledge and understanding through your life.

In this lifetime, I am privileged to say I have witnessed such from you. And for these things I am genuinely grateful.

Blessings upon you and all with whom celebrate this Thanksgiving!

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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