Lift Your Spirit

Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines a miracle as: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. I see two contrasting words in the single sentence: divine and human. And the word that bridges the two: intervention.

When GOD Almighty and us meet at the intersection of love — the manifestation of that unity results in a miracle. The inexplainable happens. The extraordinary illuminates our space. And we stand in awe of His Grace and Mercy — jaw-dropped.

Oddly enough, this occurs even in the subconscious realm. We tend to limit the profound to when thunder roars and lightning rocks the skies. But I would venture to say that the mere beating of our heart, expansion of our lungs, the neurons firing off connections in our brain, the filtering of our kidneys … these bodily functions seemingly working efficiently, simultaneously and without need for us to ‘will’ them into action … would qualify as miraculous if you just stopped to consider the high possibilities of them shutting down without notice.

I don’t ever want to be negligent to thank GOD for each day to which I awaken. He has the final say. One day He will say that the previous one was my last.

The things we have lived through, Sister, have us looking back into that rearview mirror thankful that we escaped the harm that could have swallowed us.

All because GOD chose to gift us with the Present. It’s a miracle that ______________________________________________________ (you fill in the blank). There’s the opening line to your next conversation of praise with your Creator.

Far too many to count and list out, I will leave you with this song and with gratitude from the heart.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~

LindaRJohnson, TitusTwo Visionary

*Thank you to Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music for this.


  1. Linda this post is amazing! I never thought my ADHD is gift and it’s a miracle. Especially how it makes me want to help others while they are telling me their stories, I give them ideas, solutions and asking them the right questions. Which some people don’t want to hear solutions or ideas, they just want to vent or talk.. I try to treat them differently by just listening to them. It’s a challenge for me just to listen, but I can do it through God.
    I always wanted to change my gift by taking medicine with a high dosage so I can be like most people. I was debating, if I should write and admitting that I am ADHD in this comment. I did because I am hoping it will help others to be ok with themselves if they
    have ADHD or anything else. This is who I am, and I am going to start loving my gift and utilize it. I have a great miracle gift with being ADHD. Wow I can’t believe I admit it in writing.
    On another note I love the song too.

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    1. MariaD: Thank you for sharing and being transparent so that others can be helped as well. It takes great courage to be open in a world that often seeks to ‘protect and conceal’ their true selves for fear of judgement. Not everyone would be willing to do that. And it’s not often that people would look at their ‘conditions’ as a gift to use to help others with the same situation. (((HUGS)))


  2. Beautifully written, Linda! Absolutely beautiful … every single word. I believe in GOD’s miracles — they’re all around us every day — we only need to open our eyes, hearts, and minds and look … some are simple or “ordinary” things in our everyday lives, some are far more complex, some are answers to our prayers (some answers come quickly – others after long periods of waiting & praying) … but ALL are miracles from our One True GOD. Our Heavenly Father. Our Abba Father. He is a good, good Father indeed!! I am in awe every day of your grace & mercy, Father GOD, and I praise & thank You for these gifts You so lovingly & freely give to us. ALL glory, praise, and honor be to GOD!! Hugs, Blessings, & Love, my precious Sister!!! ❤️

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    1. Kathy Glor: Thank you for your kind words today. Sometimes we are going at such a fast pace that we overlook the tiniest of miracles — like being able to wake up to listen to this song, sing along and dance to it. When we relish in the ‘present,’ the moment becomes more cherished and we celebrate the wonder of our God. He’s just good to us that way!


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