“Laying Down the Expectations — When Finishing Well Is Always Enough Because Jesus is Enough”

I can be somewhat of a competitive person, and what that looks like may not be the same for you. The person I see in the mirror likes to better her last score on the digital game. I don’t seek to surpass your score or anyone else’s who may be in the room — just […]

Thankful Thursday: “A Personal Daily Rededication of This Temple”

I am a true creature of habit. It’s one of the greatest ways to organize my day and roll it out with fewer distractions and less to think about. Just follow the ingrained recipe and voilà, mission accomplished, almost in cruise control. About a year ago, I was scrolling through the Beth Moore collection of […]

“Space for Grace — When Disagreements Are Unsolicited Learning Opportunities”

Most of us prefer the harmony of peace and calm. I haven’t met too many folks who would willingly invite daily drama into their space. Chaos is far too distracting and costs us precious time in trying to silence the noise and wrangle the wild. So, when I find myself in the midst of conflict, […]