“Purpose In Life.”

Funny how this blossoming tree simply showcases her beauty ~~ I suppose, nature was designed just that way ~~ to follow through on its “Assignment” as God ordained.

I love my plumeria trees ~~ they openly display to me the tenderness of God to surround me with such aromatic grandeur!  My yard is filled with them ~~ a ‘garden variety’ of colors ~~ an unmatched palate of hues and shades.

During the colder winter months, they seem lifeless ~~ as if nearly withdrawn into their stick-like form.  Just before they bloom, the branches begin to enlarge and become stronger.  Then the leaves burst forth.  Soon after, buds emerge and the various colors give evidence of what will come forth. Once the blooms appear, the garden gives way to the most indescribable of scents ~~ the scent of God’s Presence ~~ for only HE could Design such splendor for the eyes and senses to behold!

She blooms ~~ that’s her Assignment ~~ and she doesn’t try to accomplish anything else. And when she does bring forth her utmost best, it is just a tiny view into Paradise.

Go on Sister ~~ BLOOM BIG ~~ wherever God has planted you, be productive and show the world Who HE is!



  1. I’m selfishly going to say that as I read this article I imagined myself blooming. THANK YOU Linda for this AMAZING analogy of blooming…..why we bloom…..as you have taught……for the ones coming up behind us!!


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