“That Which Concerns Me.”

As I walked through my garden, it was my intent to pluck a few blooms to bring into the house and enjoy ~~ the aroma is simply indescribable!

One of our trees is soooo tall ~~ now for those of you who know me, you’re chuckling right about now, because you know at 5’1″ (woohoo!), anything is ‘way up there,’ and I’m the ‘tall one’ among you ~~ nonetheless, this particular tree I’m referring to is at least 7-1/2 to 8 feet tall.  And it yields the MOST beautiful blooms.  All out of my reach.

I stood looking up, asking The Lord ‘why’ He would place something so far out of my reach … And that’s when our ‘conversation’ began …

Me: “Lord, it seems unfair that You would tease me with such wonder and beauty ~~ to allow my eyes to gaze upon it, but my fingers be prohibited from touching it.”

God: “Some things are not meant for you to touch.”

Hmmm … Piqued my curiosity … So I continued to pray and ask God about all this (mind you, this was not audible conversation ~~ God often whispers into my spirit with ‘impressions’ and ‘subtle hints’).

I continued to walk through my garden ~~ pondering over this tho’t ~~ then it ‘struck me.’

I’m a do-er.  Many of you know this.  I see things and I want to do something about ‘it.’  You can imagine how ‘busy’ someone like me can become ~~ the doing may include mentally processing solutions for something or physically participating in a project.  Whatever ‘it’ is, consider me ‘on it!’

This particular Season of my life is truly ‘full’ of activities ~~ some of which I’d really rather trade in for other delightful projects.  Seriously ~~ anyone of my Girlfriends out there ‘bored’ right now?  

I began to soak in all that this ‘silent message’ was speaking to me ~~ and God, in His Graciousness, was showing me that I needed to step back and not get involved in everything I see that looked interesting.

And as I quietly ‘let go,’ as I prayed about those unseen projects in my head, God was ministering to me ~~ and calming my fears (about not being involved in those projects).  See, folks like me also tend to feel guilty when we don’t get our fingers into things we think are ‘assigned’ to us.  Believe me, Girlfriend, there is a fine line between what to say yes to, and what truly is none of our business.  

As I finished my stroll amidst the other trees, I noticed how I was indeed able to reach and touch many other blooms.  In fact, I brought some in ~~

God continued to whisper to me ~~

“There are many other things here for you to handle.  Be an effectual steward of these.”

You see, Girlfriend, it is not even you nor I that ‘accomplish’ these things that God places in our hands to do ~~ but He is The One that does the Work through us.  We are the willing steward; we are the open vessel.  When He calls upon us to ‘act,’ it is for His Purpose, and not our goals.  I’ll even go so far as to say that He is the One acting and doing.  Our Scripture verse above even draws our attention to the fact that it’s the work of His Hands.  And God does NOT abandon any projects;  He works to perfect completion.

I encourage you, Sweet Sister of mine, attend to those things which He has given you to do, with a joyful heart knowing that it is enough.

Because He is enough.

I love you to Heaven and Back, Girlfriend ~~


T2T Visionary

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