What inspires you, Girlfriend?

Recently my niece in Texas delivered her first baby.  This is the second baby in the line of “second tier cousins” (all the first cousins’ offspring).  I had committed to creating a baby blanket for the arrival of Kacy Rae.

When my niece informed me that the colors of her nursery are pink, blue, and white, it was all crocheting after that!

I started in the center with a pure white ~~ to signify Christ at the center of their home and a reflection of their faith in God.  As I continued my project, I had to determine how I wanted the final product to look.

As I near completion, I have decided to finish the edging with a pure white scalloped border to signify the Holy Spirit holding them all together as a Family.

“Welcome to the world, Kacy Rae ~~ Auntie Linda is sending you some love❣”


T2T Visionary

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