“Just The Facts, Ma’am.”

Psalm 62:1 1-2 God, the one and only— I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I need comes from him, so why not? He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, An impregnable castle: I’m set for life. 

Waiting … small word, heavy “weight.”

Are you waiting for God to show up for your present situation?  I’m familiar with that feeling ~~ seems like forever, doesn’t it?  But in a small space of time I realized a few truths … will you lean in with me for a moment?

“Feelings” can be very deceptive ~~ they can be influenced by environmental factors, mood swings, other people’s words and actions ~~ and they can leave the most devastating remains in the aftermath of an emotional battle.  Here today, gone tomorrow  ~~ and though we know of their fickle nature, we somehow rely heavily on them for “validation.”  That’s an embarrassing thing to admit, when you really think about it!

Fact: Philippians 4:19 You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity. Yes. 

In our times of great desperation and anguish, these are the moments to cling to the facts ~~ God’s Facts are true.  His Word created the foundations of the universe and spoke you and me into existence with purpose.

Fact: Isaiah 55:11 So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void useless, without result, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it. 

I hear your heart, Girlfriend, and it beats to a painful rhythm ~~ the tempo is filled with anguish of uncertainty …

I encourage you this day ~~ lean on, grab hold, depend on the facts.  And might I also impress upon you to “encourage yourself?”  You do that by simply repeating the facts ~~ over and over and over.  In fact, the Bible is filled with facts that we forget when our minds are preoccupied with “feelings.”  Remember: our feelings will change just as readily as we change clothing ~~ and we all know the “truth” about that!

The enemy of yours and my soul wants to distract us from the facts.  Distractions prevent us from seeing the real deal from God’s perspective.  Sometimes we need to put on our “spiritual blinders,” and keep in the race with our focus on just the facts alone.

It’s difficult, I know ~~ all too well I know.  But I’ve been “practicing” a new habit ~~ expecting God to show off while I wait for Him to show up.  It’s  a lifelong habit ~~ but I’ve got time ~~ when I have it perfected, He’ll be taking me Home.

Our span of time here on earth is but a breath ~~ in comparison to eternity.  The younger you are, the more difficult it is to comprehend that fact.  We “wait” for two days, and we “feel” like half a lifetime has blown by.  Our impatience is again, a “feeling” that makes its way into our minds and deceives and derails us from the facts.  Grab those blinders!

I will join you, Sister, in prayer for your situation ~~ right here, right now.  Prayer can occur instantaneously ~~ without special preparation.  That’s a fact. 

“Father God, great are YOU Lord! You, Who made the universe, intricately and purposefully created man for a love relationship that is like no other. You promise to provide for our every need and right now, Lord, there are those of us that are trusting You for those needs.  We know your Heart is to bless your Family, and we believe that Your timing is best ~~ even in the midst of our impatience. Grant us the wisdom to cling to Your truths and to continue to expectantly wait upon You with full assurance and confidence that You will show up and show off Your love for Your Children.

In the Name of Your Son, Jesus, that makes us One with You, Amen.”

May you have a most glorious and love-filled day, Girlfriend ~~ I love you to Heaven and Back!


T2T Visionary 


  1. Oh Linda,
    How thankful I am to the Lord for how He is using you and for your reminded of the TRUTH! As I sit here unable to sleep because of my anxiety as I focus on the things of this world (life) and not the TRUTH. Lord help me to keep my eyes on YOU, release my burdens and cares to YOU, and HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR TRUTH! 💖 🙌


    1. Sharon: I hear “your heartbeat,” Girlfriend ~~ and I KNOW how hard it can be to remain FOCUSED on the Real TRUTHS. “Truth of the matter” is that those challenging moments are opportunities for having intimate dialogue ~~ aka PRAYER and Communion with the God Who loves you more than you know.
      Let me share something with you …
      Lately, I’ve been “practicing” a new bedtime “habit.” Before I drift off to sleep, I recite some practical truths: (and they may vary from night to night depending upon how the day rolled out) …
      “My God is GREATER than my XYZ worry;
      “My God is GREATER than my financial woes; My God is GREATER than the fears I have about my children; My God is GREATER than my concern for my unborn granddaughter;” And I just keep going down my impromptu “list” of things until I’ve mentally unloaded “all my cares upon Him because He cares for me.” (Sound familiar?) What ultimately happens is that I’ve released things that God wants anyway ~~ and it allows for “remove and replace” to occur. I turn it ALL over to Him, and He replaces it with what I need. And I cannot express what a difference it has made just in my sleep!
      In addition, I have started to develop a “confident expectation” that had launched my faith to GREATER heights.

      I encourage you to do something similar ~~ and expect God to show off when He shows up.



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