Now, there’s a rather pleasant thought!

If you have a garden of any size, you’ll know that in order for things to grow, the ground must be FERTILE ~~ it has to have nutrients that would help “feed” whatever it is that you’re attempting to grow. And of course, rain is just as necessary as sunshine.

Let’s take a microscopic look at this quick lesson, shall we?
Sunshiny days are when you wake up with a song in your heart and pep in your step! You feel confident and ready to take on the world and its projects. Rainy days are the complete opposite. It’s dreary and gloomy, you get wet and there’s “mud” in your forecast. You tend to slip and slide and sometimes fall while avoiding puddles. 
BOTH elements are needed in the equation for growth to occur.

And then there’s fertilizer.
I can remember as a kid, finding out that fertilizer was manure ~~ and being utterly SHOCKED to think we had to buy this stuff (especially the stink) for those delicious guavas, and lemons, and tangerines, and bananas to grow in our backyard. But my dad reassured me that “the stink” was absolutely necessary for all those wonderful things to come forth.  
As an adult, I watch my husband do the very same thing in our garden. Whoosh!🙊and when he comes into the house after such a session in the garden … well, you know! But isn’t life just like that?

Fertile soil must be fertilized.

God loves us so much, that He wants us to grow ~~ and mature. Notice I said “mature” (not manure). And as I grow up, I’m realizing and learning that maturity comes from the “fertilizing times” in my life. Those “unbelievable” situations and circumstances that He allows so that I might gain more character-developing traits that transform me from the inside out. Transforming me more into the likeness of His Son, Jesus.
And yes, depending upon my behavior during these “fertilizing times,” there can be quite a STINK ~~ but it’s temporary.
Afterwards, the “soil” (that’s me) is more conducive to “producing fruit” ~~ it’s “fertile ground.” And that’s the kind of “ground work” that God prefers for growth ~~ because it’s “useable.” But it takes humility to allow God (the Gardener) to weed out the bad habits and to “fertilize” my life with what I need. Sometimes I “need” those stinky situations and putrid circumstances to grow and mature.

Spiritual growth and maturity will be evident in the fruits that I bear. But also will a stinky attitude be smelly evidence if I refuse to learn from the experiences and opportunities.
“What do YOUR clothes smell like, Girlfriend?”
I love you to Heaven and Back, Sweet Sister❣️
T2T Visionary

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